Saturday, October 1, 2011

An Entertainment Center, Part 2

So I am finally back with the finishing of our entertainment center. Where did I leave off....

Right, we built the entertainment center and painted it white, stained the top, and painted the back yellow. We built 4 doors, but only decided to use two, on the inside.

Okay, enough waiting, pictures!!!

The candles are Ikea and the popcorn holder (on the bottom shelf) were a wedding shower gift from Crate and Barrel.

So getting our entertainment center started the chain reaction of FINALLY getting a living room! 

We got curtains from Ikea, and the couch from Ikea too. ( and the bench behind the couch, is the bench that used to be by the stairs)

I know the stark colors might not be for everyone, but we love it. It is very bright and serene. (by the way, that is the softest, most awesome rug in the world, also Ikea. )

We also got these great little lights from Ikea. They sit on the sides of the entertainment center. At night, they provide the perfect amount of light. 

Here is our Kivik couch! Let me tell you the story of this lady! We knew we wanted a kivik, and when we finally went to get her, we checked the "as is" section first. I saw someone buying a kivik a few weeks before from the as is, for a really good discount. So we got there first thing and checked the as is. There she was, marked down from $399 for $199. Great deal! We picked up a few other things, like the curtains, and checked out. Upon loading it into the car, we realized it was a sofa bed, which is more expensive. We got online and saw this:

Holy crap! $949.00!! And I got it for $199! I guess they mismarked it when they put it in "as is" So the first thing you think is "What is wrong with it??" and the answer is, nothing. The box opened during shipping, and they can't sell an opened box, so they assembled it and stuck it in "as is". Their loss, and mistake, and our gain!

And as for how we like the couch? We LOVE it! It is very comfortable, and the seats are memory foam, so they don't sink. It is supportive for me, but soft for Andy. And its deep enough to sit with my legs crossed! AND the wide arm rests are great for sitting a computer on, or a cell phone, or even sometimes a dog :)

And when you thought this post couldn't get any longer....

I present you with my two new friends, Effectiv and Ung. I LOVE these two new additions, both from Ikea (shock!) (btw you would think this was an ad for ikea.... ) We love this mirror! I am not sure if she is going to remain white ( I see her more as a yellow) but no matter what color, we are in love with her elegance and classic lines! And our effectiv as seriously de-cluttered our lives! The top houses our printer and various office supplies, and the bottom is a file cabinet, with a lock on it for our important documents. Oh yeah the candles and tray they are on? Ikea. lol

The frame was a gift, it's one of those that slideshows pictures. 

So lets do a little before and after. 



It feels way more like home! So there you have it, our living room!


Come back on Thursday to check out what I did for the May 2011 knotties Pinterst Challenge! 


  1. I own a smaller light blue version of that lamp. Also, I love that you call the items by their ikea name, thirdly, there's been the most amazing ikea commercial on tv lately. Just a white screen, with a clock and an ikea logo and it goes 'The time is now 10:23 (or whatever time it is, around 10:30) and it's happy to bed time' and does this little dongy noise thing and I love it, and then go to bed.

    And your couch, major bargain, well done!

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