Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Power Foods

As I go through Weight Watchers, I am learning all about what foods are best for your body. This week, I am focusing on Power Foods. I get a stomach aches when I get hungry, so I really need foods that will keep me full longer, so I don't have the urge to snack. This is where power foods come in :) They are foods that keep you satisfied longer, to help you eat less.

So it is my goal this week to eat a power food at every meal. For breakfast, I am eating Oatmeal, Bananas,  and 45 calorie bread toast. All of these are power foods, and they will keep you fuller longer.

For lunch, things like potatoes, and most vegetables will fill you up. I LOVE potatoes, and a baked potato is only 3pts before you destroy it with butter and sour cream! Replace with fake butter and Plain Greek Yogurt for free :) Broccoli is also great with potatoes.

For dinner, besides potatoes, I love beans, and rice. Both of those, while added to a lean protein, makes for a very delicious, satisfying dinner.

There is nothing I love more than popcorn! Luckily for me, popcorn is a power food as well as a delicious snack! And at 3 points for 3 cups, why not much on that!?

So this week, I am going to work on incorporating power foods into my menu.


  1. Jessica @ Points of InterestOctober 25, 2011 at 4:26 PM

    My new favorite way to enjoy a baked potato is by warming up a single serving frozen broccoli with cheese sauce and dumping it on top. I don't even need butter, and it only adds 1 point!

  2. ooh good. I love me some airpopped and am now SO claiming it as a power food too!


  3. fat free cream cheese with broccoli chicken and mushrooms (stirred together to make a warm creamy sauce), delish on potatos and rice!

    One of my faves as a winter warmer, pick up the cheap cuts of chicken (thighs and legs are good) rip the skin off, boil them with a bouillion cube or 2 and a bay leaf to create a chicken stock (about half an hour or so), remove the chicken, skim any fat off the top and pull the meat off and put back into the stock, chuck the bones, add tinned veg of your choice (mushrooms and carrots are good), small handful of pasta and seasoning, delicious very low point chicken noodle soup!

    And random, but I've recently found purple potatos (!) with extra anti oxidents, taste like normal potatoes :D