Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Week 4- ..... I need to get my shit together

So I hopped on the scale on Monday and hopped off, and prayed my eyesight was bad. On again I went and bam, there it was.

2.2 lbs... more than last week. I honestly needed this slap in the face. I have been lazy with the plan, not tracking, and to be honest, not even eating well. I have been snacking and eating when I am bored, and I see it in red, right there. 

I think this was the inspiration that I needed to turn things around. 

October 10, 2011
Height: 5'2"
Starting Weight: 281.4
Current Weight: 276.2
Total Loss: 5.2 lbs

I can still count this as a loss, but now I have taken a step backward. My goal this week is to eat right and track everything. I am also going to follow my activity goal. This weekend, Andy and I are doing a 5K. I am very excited to achieve this goal I have set for myself. 


  1. Don't get discouraged, just buckled down. Keep telling yourself you are working toward an important goal! Get healthy and be healthy for your family. Keep up the good attitude!

  2. I'm incredibly proud of you for realizing what you need to do. You've got a good head on your shoulders and I know you can do this. I've been snacking too and I'm not to confident for this weeks WI but I'm moving forward. You're awesome for doing a 5k this weekend. Seriously, keep it up. You are going places!

  3. Think of it like your bank account. Your points are your budget and if you blow it all on the friday after payday, you're gonna have to tighten the belt for the rest of the week. You wouldn't want your bank account to be overdrawn, same with your points.

    And baby steps, don't get caught up in putting on a couple pounds, they came off once, they'll come off again, keep positive! Love you!