Monday, October 24, 2011

Domain Name

Mr O and I have been looking into purchasing a domain name to host our blog (and eventually full website). The cost is pretty minimal, around $10 a year, and we can expand and do lots of things with our own website. We were just curious how many people read our blog, and would like to see more content now and in the future, entailing a full website.

Possible additions would include:

Mr O's movie reviews
Adorable pictures of our future children
More things about our life in general
Potential decorating advise, if anyone wants it... Not that I am a professional or anything...

Just overall more fun to be had :)

BUT we wanted to ask if you all think it's worth it. Would you like to see more content?
Also, please comment letting us know what you think!

PS: If you are from India or Malasia, please comment. I see we have gotten quite a few hits from you, and I wanna get to know you!

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