Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A few projects

When I am thinking through something, like a loss in the family, I have to keep my hands moving. My aunt Patrice deals with grief by shopping, I deal by doing. This week my grandfather passed. So I built a shelf. I have been meaning to build this shelf for a while, since we built our bed. But I finally go to it and it built it. It only took me about an hour total, to screw, wood fill, sand and paint 2 coats. When andy got home from class, we hung it up.

Also see those nice frames on there? Another project :) About a month ago, we went to the ARC and bought 13 frames to restore. We wanted a uniform, but mismatched look, if that makes sense. We tried to stick with wood frames in good condition. We sanded, primed and painted them. I finally finished putting pictures in them today.
Back to the shelf. A side view

LOVE how it turned out. 

Now on to project  #2 (or is it #3) New curtains! I love my Mother in Law, but it is undeniable that we have different tastes. A few christmases ago, she bought us curtains. They are a brown and baby blue paisley pattern.

See them in the pic above. Not really our style. So we finally updated them. We were searching for curtains for a  while. Our window is kind of an odd height, and with the bench, we wanted something that didn't hang over too much. After store after store of ugly bland curtains, I decided to venture into the shower curtain aisle. Of course I only looked at fabric ones, and ones that look like real curtains. That is where I found these babies!
A Target shower curtain, that I think fits in well with our color scheme and style. 

Also, an update on the Ikea couches. While in Florida, visiting my Grandfather, Andy and I spent the last evening in Tampa with Andy's aunt and uncle. They took us to the Ikea in Tampa and I got to sit on my beautiful Kivik couches. I must say they are just as comfy as I expected, and I will have them as soon as I can. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Dreaming of a living room...

I have this vision for our house, someday. I am envisioning this grand living room where we will sit and chat with friends on comfy IKEA couches with fashionable furnishings. We will watch tv with our kids, during family movie night. We will host super bowl parties and birthday parties in this living room. Right now I am lusting over IKEA Kivik couches. I think they are modern, and rustic and just amazing. AND they look super comfy. Of course I won't get the chance to sit in one until our IKEA opens in the fall, but I can lust.

Here is my living room vision.

Our Kivik Couches

Our Entertainment Center (ana-white, of course)

And last but not least, our coffee table (another Ana-white)

Are you feeling my vision? Do you see my family living in that amazing living room? I will share the other visions I have for the rest of our house as I envision them. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

In a day that is dedicated to snacking and sitting on your butt, here we are, surrounded by snacks. Chips, dips, pigs in a blanket, you name it, it's surrounding us. I am trying to stick close to the fruit and veg trays. Happy super bowl everyone!