Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A few projects

When I am thinking through something, like a loss in the family, I have to keep my hands moving. My aunt Patrice deals with grief by shopping, I deal by doing. This week my grandfather passed. So I built a shelf. I have been meaning to build this shelf for a while, since we built our bed. But I finally go to it and it built it. It only took me about an hour total, to screw, wood fill, sand and paint 2 coats. When andy got home from class, we hung it up.

Also see those nice frames on there? Another project :) About a month ago, we went to the ARC and bought 13 frames to restore. We wanted a uniform, but mismatched look, if that makes sense. We tried to stick with wood frames in good condition. We sanded, primed and painted them. I finally finished putting pictures in them today.
Back to the shelf. A side view

LOVE how it turned out. 

Now on to project  #2 (or is it #3) New curtains! I love my Mother in Law, but it is undeniable that we have different tastes. A few christmases ago, she bought us curtains. They are a brown and baby blue paisley pattern.

See them in the pic above. Not really our style. So we finally updated them. We were searching for curtains for a  while. Our window is kind of an odd height, and with the bench, we wanted something that didn't hang over too much. After store after store of ugly bland curtains, I decided to venture into the shower curtain aisle. Of course I only looked at fabric ones, and ones that look like real curtains. That is where I found these babies!
A Target shower curtain, that I think fits in well with our color scheme and style. 

Also, an update on the Ikea couches. While in Florida, visiting my Grandfather, Andy and I spent the last evening in Tampa with Andy's aunt and uncle. They took us to the Ikea in Tampa and I got to sit on my beautiful Kivik couches. I must say they are just as comfy as I expected, and I will have them as soon as I can. 


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