Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dreaming of a blue kitchen

We have a very blah kitchen. It has no real design or style in particular, and that makes me sad. Well really I am content with it because we have not moved into our dream home yet, so I can still dream about my dream kitchen. We have a blue Kitchen aid Mixer. (it was the only color on sale, so we went with it) I love the color and want to build a kitchen around it. Step one was getting canisters that matched, which my BFF Alex just so happened to find at a thrift store. Once I convinced her that I had to have them, she caved, and we traded.
Our mixer (stock photo)
So now that I have 2 things that match,  I have developed a theme. Being a UNC Bear, I bleed blue and yellow, and I also love those colors, especially together. Thus a theme has appeared. A blue and yellow kitchen that is not old fashioned or mexican themed. Lets begin with the bare bones of the kitchen. 
The cabinets:

I LOVE the look of white cabinets with a wood counter top. I also really want glass front top cabinets :) (thank you Ikea) 
So starting here, I might paint the walls a dusty blue gray, like this:
Then introduce nice blue and yellow elements, like these plates from Target:

And bowl from BBB. I love the idea of mismatched dishes! As for decor, I love this poster:
But in this color:
And this cookie jar and tea pot:

Do you see it all coming together? I am loving it! I can't wait to have my dream kitchen!!