Friday, April 22, 2011

5 days and a bathroom!

Thats right, we move in just 5 days. I am really beyond excited. We are doing the walk through/ getting the keys on Wednesday. We will start moving things over then, most likely, and be all moved in by saturday! That gives us sunday to relax! So with all this moving talk, I have been really baffled on what I want to do in the main bathroom! I want something bright, because the rest of the house is pretty muted, but I don't want it to stick out! And I wanted to incorporate a reddish, pinkish color, Because the scheme is mostly blue, yellow and gray, with a little green thrown in. I have been searching for a shower curtain that caught my eye for weeks, until I stumbled onto this!

I really like it! It has a touch of green, and pink, but isn't too dark. (I have also been dreaming of a lime green bathroom so the walls in this picture might have helped sway me)

But I don't think I could paint the whole bathroom this color, it would be really bright in my opinion. Maybe an accent wall across from the mirror, that way the color appears to be all over, but really is on just one wall. 

As for accessories to go with this, I have been eyeing these really simple accessories at Target. They are really simple and pink, and I think they would go great! I am so glad to have a breakthrough in the bathroom department!

I also can't wait to post before and after pictures of our new place! Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I love Target!

So we have started selling the stuff we don't need anymore on Craigslist! This is AWESOME because all the money we make goes toward the new house! Today we made $90 so I got to spend some! Here is what we got!

The rest of our set of plates and cups!

A porcelain vase that will sit in an alcove in our new house with a big plume of flowers coming out the top.

A Porcelain weaved fruit bowl

This awesome rug that I found in the clearance bin, for....

$5! It will go in the kitchen, by the sink : )

I also put in the order for those overstock bowls below! They should get in right about when our new bedding gets in! 

While at Target, we made some progress on the guest room! I want to make a patterned green fabric headboard, like this one

With a plain white comforter, lightly geometrically patterned white and green sheets. I like the blue wall like above, so maybe a blue accent wall... The feel of the new house I am looking for is "bright and airy" less "warm and dark".

As you probably know, I am a fan of shower curtains as regular curtains, and I found the perfect ones for  our living room! I want something white, with a light pattern or design. They are at target, but the pictures don't do it justice.

My next thing to think about is the bathrooms. Mainly the main guest bathroom. My master bathroom doesn't need to be anything fancy. So stay tuned for that. I am really excited to get in and make the new place our home. :)

New Dishes!!!

I am so exited that we got our new dishes! We got them from Target and I LOVE them. They match our theme perfectly, and the best part is they are a hard plastic, so they can't break! We also bought the matching cups! Also hard plastic, but look kinda like glass :)

Aren't they awesome! Now I just need some yellow bowls, and the set is complete! I have my eye on these, from

I LOVE them!

Also, my secret bunny bought me these awesome personal casserole dishes from Rachel Ray, in the perfect blue color!
It's so fun to see everything come together!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Peddling my wares...

So Andy and I are moving, and we have so much furniture! The condo we are moving in just doesn't have the space for all of ours stuff. So I am posting all of the stuff we are selling, as well as prices, in case anyone wants to buy anything!! We have already posted everything on Craigslist too. :)

 Desk- $25
 Table- $125 (obo)

 Table plus 4 chairs- $125
 Round table- $75

 Microfiber Sectional- $750 obo (1 year old!)- SOLD

 Dresser- $50
 Dresser- $50
 Dog House- $75- SOLD!!
Lawn Mower (works!)- $25- SOLD!!!
 Shoe Shelf-$10

If you are interested in anything, leave me a comment!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Mine! All mine!!

So remember the gray and yellow Bedspread I was eyeing in this post


Here's the story: 

I frequent a wedding message board called the Knot (judge all you want), and I get a page from a girl informing me that the bedspread I have been lusting over is for sale on Rue LaLa. (For those of you who don't know, Rue LaLa is an online private store of stuff exclusively on sale, like a lot on sale) So the bedspread I really wanted was originally $350. I knew there was NO way I would be getting this, until I saw it on Rue LaLa for only $150!!! How do you beat $200 off!?!?! SO I put on my bedroom/puppydog eyes and looked at Andy and asked if I could have it. He said no. 

So I dropped it. It made me sad, but that is a LOT for a blanket. 

So I woke up, and looked to see if it was still available, and the sale was going for only another hour and a half. I put back on my eyes and I looked at Andy, and he said "Lets do the math..." So we added in how much overtime I got this week (4.5 hours!!) plus how much he could make in the next two weeks before we move, minus the cost of moving, plus my next paycheck and came out on top, so he gave me the okay. 

I gleefully pushed the "Buy Me" button and dropped the most money I have ever spent on a blanket. 


Here she is again, in case you forgot!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Putting it all together!

With the big move coming up, I have been thinking a lot about what I want the new place to look like. And Andy gave me complete creative freedom, so I am pretty excited!

For the living room, I have decided on a Blue and White theme. We are selling our sectional and getting this couch from IKEA.
But we will dye it royal blue. (Ikea couches are slipcovered, so we just have to dye the fabric before we put it on) I also found these vases to accent the colors. 

I also want to paint the accent wall yellow, to tie in the blue and yellow kitchen. I also found this fabulous chair that might make it into my living room! 

But if I have this baby, I don't know if I would need to paint the wall...

Those are my thoughts for now :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

We're moving!!

It is official! We are moving out of our ginormous for us house, and into a more moderately sized (and priced) condo!! We gave notice to our current landlord on wednesday, and signed a lease today! We did the math and over the course of our 2 year lease, we will save over $4000!! Isn't that amazing! Think of how much money we can save for a down payment on a house! AND having a space makes all these fun plans from my head a reality! We are allowed to paint anything we want, and really make it ours! So stay tuned for after photos as we make our condo a home! Because of this huge transition, I have of course been planning what I want to build! Here is the breakdown!

In the living room/ dining room, I will build this baby, with two benches.

Plans from Ana-white here
We also have 4 chairs that we will be painting the legs white to match. 

We have a big eat-in kitchen, but also a large living room, so we are gonna cut it in half, with a table on one side, and the couch at TV on the other. This leaves space in the kitchen for a Kitchen Island!

Also Ana-White here
This will add more storage and counter space, which is never a bad thing!

There is also this perfect spot for a desk, in the main area, that we will make a little home office. I will be building this desk from guess where?

I'll give you a hint! (click here)
So these are on my project list! With all the time I will save on shoveling snow and doing yard work, I will spend in my garage working on these projects! But of course I will need a little more equipment before I can whip out all these projects, which brings me to this baby, whom I am lusting over. 

Isn't she beautiful! I can't wait until she is mine :) She and her best friend, Miss jig, will be coming home to me in May! 

So things are definitely looking up! I can't wait to get this summer started!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Summer nights!

My bedroom is in need of a makeover.

I love the dark, masculine theme of brown and green, but I have been dreaming about something a little different. When I go into my room, it is a place to sleep, a little cocoon of darkness and warmth, and I love it. But pictures like these get me thinking....

both from
I love how they are bright, and airy. I feel like I could wake up refreshed, and ready for the day in these beautiful bright rooms. So when we move, I am planning on making our new bedroom bright and airy, like these. 

I am envisioning a light gray color on the walls, nothing too dark, to bring some color, but still bright. I am also LOVING the colors gray and yellow together. I think this bedspread is the perfect marriage of those colors!
I am in love :)

It's bright, airy, and just a little girly, which I think I deserve after sleeping in the butch castle for the last year and a half :) 

To go with my new color scheme, and because I am always dying for a project, I want to build this baby, and make our bed a guest bed. 

Now I can't decide if I white bed would look nicest, or a dark wood bed... or even a yellow bed! Or maybe a dark gray bed.... I think I am onto something with the dark gray.... 

Now for the accessories! A new dresser, of course! Painted the same color of gray...
Like this color gray....

And now for the fun stuff! I really like this ceramic fish and there are these white ceramic vases that I love too, but I can't find a picture of them.... 
As for the final touches, white flowy curtains will finish the room off nicely, don't you think?

(ps missie and mason, I wrote this for you :)