Saturday, April 9, 2011

We're moving!!

It is official! We are moving out of our ginormous for us house, and into a more moderately sized (and priced) condo!! We gave notice to our current landlord on wednesday, and signed a lease today! We did the math and over the course of our 2 year lease, we will save over $4000!! Isn't that amazing! Think of how much money we can save for a down payment on a house! AND having a space makes all these fun plans from my head a reality! We are allowed to paint anything we want, and really make it ours! So stay tuned for after photos as we make our condo a home! Because of this huge transition, I have of course been planning what I want to build! Here is the breakdown!

In the living room/ dining room, I will build this baby, with two benches.

Plans from Ana-white here
We also have 4 chairs that we will be painting the legs white to match. 

We have a big eat-in kitchen, but also a large living room, so we are gonna cut it in half, with a table on one side, and the couch at TV on the other. This leaves space in the kitchen for a Kitchen Island!

Also Ana-White here
This will add more storage and counter space, which is never a bad thing!

There is also this perfect spot for a desk, in the main area, that we will make a little home office. I will be building this desk from guess where?

I'll give you a hint! (click here)
So these are on my project list! With all the time I will save on shoveling snow and doing yard work, I will spend in my garage working on these projects! But of course I will need a little more equipment before I can whip out all these projects, which brings me to this baby, whom I am lusting over. 

Isn't she beautiful! I can't wait until she is mine :) She and her best friend, Miss jig, will be coming home to me in May! 

So things are definitely looking up! I can't wait to get this summer started!!