Saturday, April 16, 2011

Peddling my wares...

So Andy and I are moving, and we have so much furniture! The condo we are moving in just doesn't have the space for all of ours stuff. So I am posting all of the stuff we are selling, as well as prices, in case anyone wants to buy anything!! We have already posted everything on Craigslist too. :)

 Desk- $25
 Table- $125 (obo)

 Table plus 4 chairs- $125
 Round table- $75

 Microfiber Sectional- $750 obo (1 year old!)- SOLD

 Dresser- $50
 Dresser- $50
 Dog House- $75- SOLD!!
Lawn Mower (works!)- $25- SOLD!!!
 Shoe Shelf-$10

If you are interested in anything, leave me a comment!!