Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A little project that made a BIG difference!

In my Master Bathroom, the first thing we did when we moved in was take down the doors to the toilet and the closet. They made their respective spaces feel tiny, so off they went. What we didn't think of at the time was privacy. There is no door between the bedroom and bathroom, so you have to shut the bedroom door to have any. Also having those two areas open for viewing made us self conscious about mess.

So we decided to hang a curtain instead of a door. This way we can add more texture and color into the room, but also gain that privacy. So I began searching for the perfect curtain. I wanted something yellow and gray, to match the color scheme we have in there, but also a pattern or something that would not compete with the striped walls. After months of searching, I came across these Table Cloths at Target.

Of course we didn't get the round one, its the only pic on the website I could find. I really loved that the print is small enough to not compete with the large stripes. 

So our toilet situation went from:


Muuuuuuch better!!

Hehehehe Silly Husband :)

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