Monday, October 31, 2011

3 Part Pasta

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying lots of Candy and costumes and Trick or Treating. As an adult with out children who is not in college, I spent my evening sitting at home, not solicitng candy from strangers or shaking my tatas for candy (same thing??)

But I did make a very yummy, easy and cheap dinner that we make all.the.time and I thought I would share.

I bring you 3 Part Pasta!

1 package of Pasta (doesn't matter what kind, mix it up. Tonight we had shells)
1 lb Italian Sausage
1 jar generic Pasta Sauce ( I prefer the generic...)

Cook the pasta and meat and heat up the sauce.


Add cheese


This meal costs about $5.00 and feeds 8 people. We make it all the time because it is easy to change up, and there is enough for 3 dinners for us, at least.

Yes, you are probably saying "Has this lady ever heard of spaghetti?? It's the same thing!" To that I say, true, but not if you make it with farfale or shells :)

So I leave you with 3 Part Pasta. So cheap and easy and delicious.