Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Big Pants

(This should probably be posted on healthier, but it's a life thing too...)

This morning, I was searching for pants to wear, and I pulled out a pair from my "bottom drawer". We all know the one. The drawer where clothes that don't fit go to wait, like misfit toys. Well a pair I really like has been sitting in there for a while, at least 6 months, so I decided to try them again. The last time I pulled them out, I was not able to button them, even if I was lying on the bed, sucking in with all of my mite, with Andy pulling them together. Hence why they were in the drawer...

So I pulled them out, pulled them up and buttoned them. just. like. that.

And to my surprise, not only did they button, they were loose!

I, of course, made Andy take a picture :)

Please excuse my weird face and stomach...