Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why I am doing this

For those of you that are in Weight Watchers, every week at the meetings, there is a topic. It is meant to be informational and motivational. This week, the topic was Why. Why are you doing Weight Watchers? What made you take the plunge and walk in that door. What was the last straw? I thought I would share my why.

In November last year, we got married. And when I looked at my wedding pictures, I almost cried. I saw a me that was happy on the inside, but the me on the outside was not how I feel. I decided that it was time to get healthy and look the way I feel on the inside. That was my superficial reasoning.

I want to get pregnant eventually. And I know at my weight, it would not be a healthy pregnancy. I want to be happy and healthy and look pregnant. I don't want people to ask themselves "is she fat or pregnant".

So I joined Weight Watchers last December. I started at 285 and we worked very hard. I was unemployed so I worked out about 6 hours a week. Then my world was turned upside down. My grandpa got very sick and I flew out to see him. He passed away the day we returned home. That is when we fell of the wagon. I lost my grandpa and then I got a job, and I didn't have time to go to the gym anymore. 6 months flew by and on my birthday, I realized that my life has not gone anywhere in the last year. I was tipping the scale at 280, and I was sad. I really wanted to get my life back on track. A new Weight watchers center opened closer to home, and they were having a special that if you sign up for the monthly pass, you get a month free. So I did.

There is not time better than now, no day but today to make the change in my life.

So that is why I am doing weight watchers, how about you??

** By the way, at my WI, I lost 3.8lbs! Better than I thought for an evening weigh in!


  1. Congratulations on your loss! I rejoined WW because I had previously lost over 100lbs on it. I knew how amazing my body felt before regaining almost all of it back. I was sick and tired of living with the guilt that I was destroying my body, by daily filling it with junk. I was tired of every bone I have crying out in pain. I tried several other diets over the past few years, but knew that WW was the only plan that would actually work for me. When they introduced the new Points Plus I knew I had to give it a shot. It has been awesome to say the least!

  2. Wow!! Well done! That's a big loss, great start to your journey!

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