Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 2 - whaaaaa??

So I hopped on the scale this morning right after my morning pee (don't judge) and I got so excited, I had to step off, and try again!

Whaaaa?? I yelled "Andy! Get the camera!!" and he came running in when I hopped on again, we were at the same number! (part of me thought it was a glich) HOLY CRAP! I feel great about that number! 

September 26, 2011
Height: 5'2"
Starting Weight: 281.4
Current Weight: 275.8
Total Loss: 5.6 lbs!


So after this AWESOME day, I decided also to take a before picture, so I can look back at how far I have come!

So there you have it! Here is the last time you will see me looking like this!
(you have no idea how hard it was to not suck it in when the picture was about to flash! lol)