Sunday, September 25, 2011

An Entertainment Center, part 1

So Mr. O and I built this a while back, but we have not had the chance to write up a blog about it yet. That is why this is coming to you in 2 parts. This part is about building :)

So we chose an plan (who's surprised) and went from there.

We got a great deal on cabinet grade plywood, so we bought 3 4x8 boards. Then we started cutting. And cutting and cutting! And because they were long cuts, they all had to be done with the circular saw, which meant Mr. O was in charge.

So after cutting the huge boards down into smaller pieces, we started putting it together. We bought a Kreg Jig for the occasion. Kreg is a pocket hole jig that allows you to attach boards without exposed screws. 

So the boards look like this.

A few hours (and fights...) later, we had this. 

It's upside down in this picture, bit this is the basic structure of the center. From here, we painted it all white, and painted a back board (of 1/4" plywood) a special accent color :)

For the top, we cut 3 1x6 to fit across the top, and stained them to match our table. We thought about screwing them in, but we didn't want screws sticking out of the top, so we glued them down, and set weights on top.

Here is where I leave you with a sneak peek until next time!


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