Friday, September 23, 2011

WW Food

So obviously being on Weight Watchers means eating differently than I used to. I am eating at home more, and trying to avoid Fast Food like the Bubonic Plague. Or like that weird pig/bat flu like in Contagion... Anyone else feel the need to wash their hands a million times after seeing that movie...? just me?

Anyhoo, eating differently has opened me up to new foods and recipes, and I thought I would share what I enjoy, and don't. 

Weight Watchers brand foods:

Smart ones Breakfast Quesedila- Delicious! Almost kinda tastes like a McDonalds breakfast buritto. It is very flavorful and I like it!

Weight Watchers Muffins:
           Blueberry: YUM! These muffins are larger than I expected, and at only 5 points, I am satisfied with this sweet indulging feeling breakfast. They are moist and yummy. 

           Chocolate: Also yum! The one I  had was kinda dry, compared to the blueberry, but still good. Helped curb the chocolate craving! also only 5 pts!
Weight Watchers Ice cream bars!-They have these ice cream candy bars (like ice cream snickers) that are delicious! They are the perfect amount of ice cream and chocolate. They are pretty big too! They are great for a sweet tooth, and I love having ice cream at night, so this is a low point way to still indulge! Only 4 pts!

Smart Ones Ziti with Meatballs and cheese-This is one of their new meals that come in a bag. They are a little bigger portion for a dinner sized meal, opposed to a lunch. At 10 pts, it was filling and pretty tasty. One of the better tasting frozen pasta meals I have had. 

Weight Watchers String Cheese-I know it would seem that this would be similar to regular light string cheese, but it actually has less fat. They are pretty good, but not as moist as light string cheese. If you can spare the points, go for the light. 

Weight Watchers Recipes-

We have 3 different Weight Watchers cook books. We love to cook, and we love new recipes so this has been fun. All of the recipes we have tried have been quite good. If I find any that are noteworthy, I will share. 

Non WW Foods:

Vic's Half salt lite popcorn- I LOVE popcorn, especially plain popcorn with a little salt. I usually pop it myself, but I thought I would try buying it. This is really yummy, and is just salty enough, but not too salty. It is such a great snack because it is only 1pt per cup. And a cup of popcorn is a big snack! 

Grapes- I have really started loving grapes. They are sweet and yummy, and pop in your mouth. mmmmm grapes :)

Hard Boiled Eggs- I really like easter, and these remind me of easter! lol. I like them for breakfast, or a snack, or on a salad, or with salt or plain. I just like hard boiled eggs, and at only 2 pts an egg, what's not to love!

So that is the break down of my favorite foods I have been eating. As I find more foods I love, I will let you know!


  1. And America has such nicer looking ww food!! D:

  2. Ratatoullie can be a god send, when you're just wanting to eat lots of something! All you need to do is cut up one large eggplant, 2 or 3 zucchinnis, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, tinned tomatoes and some herbs de provance (rosemary particularly being key) and let it all stew together, it shouldn't need any oil and it tastes fantastic hot or weirdly, even better cold the next day. And it's zero points, so you work away at that when you just wanna munch!

    And go easy on fruit, it's zero, not free, the sugars in it will eventually add up!

    I loved bulking things out with vegetable cause i love to eat, no need to feel deprived at all!

    Sugar free jello is also a gift.

  3. That Ratatoullie sounds good! I will try that!

    And the east coast has better WW food. They have fresh salads and ready meals, that we don't have :( yet!

  4. It's easy to get caught up in thinking veg = salads, not so! Mushrooms are great to bulk out every thing. Scrambled eggs? Chuck mushrooms in. Pasta sauce (red or white) how about some mushrooms! Canned are also good and cheap for your bulking veg, save the fresh stuff for when you need it fresh, salads et al