Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Inspiration

My journey will be a long one, but I am SO lucky to have a sister who has already walked these roads. She and I have always struggled with our weight. We grew up with very fucked up ways of thinking about food. In our house food was lots of things. It was motivation, reward, a privilege, and a punishment.  It was something we earned and something we cherished. It was NOT something to fuel our bodies. Certain foods were only meant for certain people. We would hide  hoard food, like we wouldn't get enough to eat. 

So growing up, it has been hard to break those habits and thoughts about food. That is why I think Weight Watchers has been so effective for her. It has helped her (and I) understand how food works with your body, not against it. 

So she joined WW about a year ago and has done great! 

Here she is at her heaviest (on the left)

And here she is now (tho this pic is a little old, so she might be smaller now!)

I didn't even know our bodies could look like that! I am so incredibly proud of her. She is my inspiration and I know that I can succeed at this because she has. 



  1. Oh goodness me!!! It's mental to see the comparison between the two! I need to get some better photos done, there's not really many since I've gotten down. I almost went on a picture hiatus while I was losing the weight, part of me didn't want any one to know what I was up to, in case I failed, and it kept it personal to me, if that makes sense.

    But you've got it dead on, I still find I do that, hoard and hide food, which is silly, but habits are hard to break, but knowledge is definitely power on this one! I've still got a small handful of fat clothes left, if you want I can get pics of me in them now, and the photos of me wearing them back in the day. That's where I find it surprises me.

    But anyway, slow and steady, don't do it to impress any one, do it for you. It will fall into place :) How've you been getting on?!

  2. I woud love pics like that! I am doing well. I am not having a hard time tracking, and feel like I have more energy. One bad habit that has come back since the last WW go is Diet Cola... I was addicted, and now I feel myself getting back into it. I don't love the fact that it will probably give me cancer, but oh well, it's 0 pts...

    Other than that, on thursday I weighed myself and I had lost 3 lbs. I am not sure if that was just fluctuation so I am not going to actually weigh myself again until Monday morning. Over all, I think it's going well.

  3. I'll get those going for ya then!

    I live off diet coke, seriously. And artificial sweetner. Go through buckets of the stuff, for reals.