Friday, November 4, 2011

Week 8 - Finally back to meetings

So I have been a cheater cheater pumpkin eater (sometimes literally...)

I have not been to a meeting in a month. I can tell you all of the excuses in the book, but I have none that are true other than I was afraid to go back, because I am a freak.

So I knew I had to find a different meeting, one that worked better for my schedule, and that would ALWAYS work for my schedule. I went to a meeting this morning at 7:30. It gets out at 8, and it takes 3 minutes to get to work from there, so I am only a few min late. I can make this work.

I don't know why I kept avoiding it because there is something about going to a meeting that makes you feel great. Its like church. I feel so motivated and lifted up that it really starts my day off right.

I was down 1.4 at my meeting, but up .2 at home. I am gonna call it a wash.

Stay tuned for updated measurements. :)


  1. I am glad you found something that works! I do weigh myself at home (not supposed to), but the only weight I count and tell people I am is the one that the WW scale says. So I if I were you I would do that. It is better to just go by 1 scale than to beat yourself up if they are different :) I have to go back to meetings too... I have not been since the end of September, I have been weighing in, but not staying for the meeting.

  2. Thighs are definitely looking thinner sister! You can definitely notice a difference and hey, you're down nearly 10lbs!

    Gonna have to second the first comment, tempting though it is, tuck the home scale away for a while, because it will just be a head melt. It can come back out later when you're maintaining, but it'll do you know favors while you're losing, the numbers will always vary. My home scale would say I was down 5lbs one week, got into my meeting, only down a pound which is great, but I ended up being disappointed :/

    Love you and keep it up!!