Friday, November 18, 2011

Dream House: Kitchen

As you know, I currently rent a Condo, meaning I can't really make anything the way I want it. I have big dreams. I can't wait to own a home, and when I do I want to really personalize everything. So I am starting a series of blogs called Dream House. I will post pictures that inspire me.

Lets start with Kitchens :)

I really like this back splash. I love the blue, and I love the chevron. 

I LOVE the subway tile backsplash and open shelves and white cabinets. If this had dark wood counters, I would be in heaven!

There are those counters! I love the look of dark wood on white (go figure! All of my furniture is white with dark wood)

I really am lusting for white cabinets and butcher block counters!

The one thing I love as much as open shelves in a kitchen is glass front cabinets! 

I also love the idea of having a banquette in place for my dining room table. 

These dark beams make me swoon! 

Again with the open shelves and subway tile. A.mazing. Also, check out the drawers at the bottom of the sink cabinet. I bet they pull out as a step stool for kids! Genius!

This one might throw you off a little, but I actually really like the deep contrast! Maybe an accent wall of deep gray?
I love these IKEA butcher block counters with an inset stainless sink. Beautiful!

So that about sums up my kitchen lust. I can't wait to own a home so I can create a beautiful bright kitchen!


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