Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chair of my dreams (Part 1)

2 weeks ago, while shopping for my Halloween costume at the ARC, I spotted a beautiful wingback chair. It was marked $25, which is a good deal for a chair, but I didn't get it. The ARC has half off days on Saturdays, so we made a vow to come back and check if it was still there/ half of the next saturday.

That Saturday, we were out of town so we didn't have the chance to check. We agreed to check again this Saturday to see if it was still there, and if it was half off, it was meant to be. Flash forward to yesterday, we went in to see if our chair was still there.... AND it was! AND it was half off! WE were so excited, we grabbed it and took it right home.

Next came the decision to paint it or reupholster it. I have seen some really cool painted chairs, and I thought it might be a fun project for our chair.

So we went off the tutorial here, but I wasn't feeling it.

I was lusting for a pattern so (as you can see above) we decided to go for reupholstering. That was the best choice for us for 3 reasons.

  1. We could have a pattern, which would bring some color and texture to our very solid colored room.

  2. I can't touch velvet (don't judge me) so keeping the velvet just made me twitch, even if we painted it...

  3. It's an old chair, and the idea of what kind of evil lived inside of it freaked me out. Reupholstering would let us get all of that out, and eliminate the idea of bedbugs or anything else that could be inside (we have already found some goodies, I will post those soon)

So today, we removed the back, and unstapled everything from the bottom.

So this has been part 1 of a multi part series of this chair. We still need to:

  • Remove the rest of the yucky velvet fabric.

  • Decide what fabric to use? (want some clues, check out Pinterest)

  • Add more stuffing to the back and butt to make it firmer.

  • Fix any broken wood ( I'm not sure if there is, but incase...)

  • Paint the legs a nice glossy white

  • Reupholster it.

  • Add accents like studs

So stay tuned,this one might take a while.


  1. Can't wait to see the result! I am following you on Pinterst I have a chai board as well that I pinned some of your chairs onto. Check mine out too I found some fabrics that I pinned (scroll to the bottom for blue/gray/yellow the top are browns)

  2. I'm also excited to see the result. The chair has great "bones."

  3. [...] was a great shopping day for us. First we got a great deal on a wing back chair (originally $24.99, we got it for $12.50). Then we headed over to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore [...]

  4. Wow, that is a VERY similar chair! Painting is always worth a shot... right? Looking forward to seeing the new fabric on it. I was too scared to take that on! :)

  5. Thanks! It is almost identical! I can't wait to give upholstery a try!