Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!

Its the day we all have been waiting for! HALLOWEEN!!! :) Time to lace up our costumes, and solicit our children's cuteness for candy!! :) (you know its true ;) )

So in the spirit of Halloween, I give you 7 tips for a safe and enjoyable trick-or-treating experience!

1. Plan a route ahead of time! Sure, it always seems fun to go all nilly willy and wander around the neighborhood, but its dark, and most likely cold, and kids get tired fast. For the most bang for your buck, make a plan!

2. Wear comfy shoes! This goes for both you and your kiddos! Trick-or-treating is a lot of walking, and you don't want to be grouchy because your feet hurt. Plan ahead and choose comfier shoes. Princesses can still wear ballet flats, not dress up plastic heels, so be smart. Cute vs Comfy, comfy should win.

3. Stay well lit. It's dark, and the mood is right for shenangans. Be safe and put glow sticks or reflective tape on your kids, as well as carry a flashlight. Staying well lit will ensure you know where your kiddos are at all times, and no one gets lost in the dark.

4. Alter your costumes. If shortness runs in your family, like mine, you will want to tailor your costumes to fit your kids. Too long costumes can cause tripping, especially in the dark, so be proactive and hem.

5. Avoid masks. I know, I know. They're fun, scary, exciting, whatever. But they impair your senses and make it harder to tell which kid is which when they all are spiderman. Explore face paint so your kids don't feel left out :)

6. Choose weapons wisely. I get it, some boy costumes require a weapon. Opt for obviously fake ones, and flexible plastic ones. Everyones having a great time until someone pokes their eye out.

7. Check your kids candy. This one seems obvious. Make sure you check that all candy is in their original wrapper and doesn't appear to be opened. Also, sadly, toss home-made goodies. Too risky. Its also a good idea to have your kids pick out 10 pieces that they can't live without and let them keep that, then save the rest to be rationed out over the next few months. Moderation is key.

So there you go! Enjoy trick-or-treating, be safe and HAVE FUN!!