Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Decor- Framed Scrapbook Paper

Day two! I love decorating my apartment, especially for holidays! I think the right mix of subtle decorations says "It's Halloween, yay :) " but doesn't scream "THIS IS A HALLOWEEN HOUSE!!!!!" So for me, something subtle is key :)

We have 4 Ikea Ribba frames above our couch. You might be thinking "whaat?? I had no idea!" That is because you probably still think our living room looks like this:

Thankfully it doesn't. I have wanted to do an apartment update post, but I have been a little busy with the 31 days thing. But I swear its coming :)

/tangent. Back to the frames. They are nice because I can change them with my mood or the seasons or for any reason at all :) For the halloween season, they look like this (please excuse the crappy iphone photos.

Wow you can see nothing in that picture :/ Here are photos of the individually:

This one is a creepy house (these photos are horrible!)


haha that one is spider webs... you cant tell tho :/

And this one is also a scary house :/ It looks like I sneezed while taking the picture or something. I must dig out my nice camera! 

So we just went to Joann's and picked out 4 scrapbook pages that we thought would look cool, and we framed them. Easiest art ever! 

So there ya have it! Holiday art :)

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