Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Reuse and Recycle

Last day of the PLB Halloween series! Today is all about reusing and recycling things that you used for Halloween for Thanksgiving!

Luckily both of these holidays are in the same season, so if you choose a general decoration palette that is fall themed, you wont have a hard time swapping the Jack-O-Lanterns for Cornucopias.

For example, if you make a wreath for your door, you could make it more general "Fall" so that it can stay up longer. You can also reuse a lot of the fake pumpkins and such as decor for thanksgiving (because I am pretty sure pumpkins were allowed at the first thanksgiving)

I love to save money, and by doubling up some of my decor, I can do just that.

To see all of the PLB Halloween series posts in one place, mosey on over to the Blog Series section over ------> there and click on the logo you see above :)

Thanks for joining me! Come back closer to Thanksgiving for the Pretty Little Bloggers Thanksgiving series!


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