Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Master Bedroom

I have been trying to really figure out my style and pin down what I want my home to look like. I think this is kind of a tough thing to decide, for all people. It is something that seems to flux and change as we grow up and change.

While strolling through Ikea, Andy and I both picked up the same pillow and fell in love.

We both love maps, and the natural burlap-y texture of this pillow definitely caught both our eyes. We looked at every duvet cover in Ikea, but couldn't find one that we liked, that matched with this pillow. So, with heavy hearts, we left it there.

Still day dreaming of that pillow, I put this little diddy together:

Duvet cover- Target $24.99 

Lamp- Ikea $69.99

Pillow- Ikea $12.99

Dresser- Ikea $299

Bed Frame- Ikea $199

Map Board- DIY  

I love the feel of this room. Its feminine and manly, soft and dark but warm too. Navy blue is one of my favorite colors in the world. Now here is the funny story of how we lucked into almost all of this stuff haha.

We were ready to buy a dresser, and we almost got the same Hemnes one, but in white, when we were looking on craigslist before going to the store. We found the brown Hemnes, as well as two Hemnes side tables, for sale for the price of the dresser. We were sold! It also came with the Hemnes bed (for $100 more) but we decided we didn't want it. Unfortunately we decided shortly after we took our home made farmhouse bed to the dumpster. Womp womp.

So we had to go buy a bed. We had our eye on that Nyvoll from Ikea for a while, so we took the plunge. We were also in the market for a duvet cover (hence how we found the pillow) so we went to Target and picked up the navy blue one above, that I also had my eye on.

So here we sit with a semi complete bedroom. We currently have the spray painted mirror above our bed, but I really am lusting over a large wood stain map. I found this tutorial at The Happier Homemaker and I think I want to give it a try. The only thing left is those amazing lamps. I was a theatre lighting geek in high school so the old school theatre lighting look of the Hektar lamps really make my heart go pitter patter.

So there it is! The plan for the rest of our Master Bedroom. What do you think?

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