Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ehrmagherd Prrntrst Chrrrlernge

Wow this one snuck up on me for sure! Pinterest Challenge time!

As I have yet to blog about (sorry!!) we got a new table! It is an awesome white table from Ikea (that I got a really awesome deal on that I really wanna blog about but haven't) and I Love it! Yes, Capital L love :) 

As much as I love it, it is kinda plain. Just a plain white circle table sitting there all plain and white. Well I have plans for that beauty :)

1. Awesome white and chalkboard table that I love, found here! I love the clean contrast!
2. Here is another fun one, I love the colored chalk! Found here!
3. I love everything about this table. the rusticy-ness, the white and grey and those amazing blue school chairs! Come to momma! Found here!

So there you have it! My Pinterest Challenge Plan! Come back Tuesday 10/30 to see how it turns out!