Monday, October 22, 2012

It's a very Pretty Little Bloggers Halloween, Charlie Brown

That's right! It's Day 1 of our Halloween series! Every week day leading up to Halloween, I will be blogging about something Halloween related!

I have always thought it would be fun to host a Halloween theme party! I am not this year, but I have so many fun ideas!

First you need an awesome invite to set the mood. Whether you are going for cute and fun, spooky, or downright creepy, an invite can set the mood and inform people how to dress accordingly.

These, from an Biplane Press, are creepy, but simple.

Where these are cute (from SundayGirls Designs

So once you tell people when to come to your house, its important to set the mood with outside decorations. Pumpkins are always a good start, but here are a few other ideas. 

Bloody windows are a good start (tutorial on Muselodge blog)

And dead bodies in the windows are a nice touch. (Thanks Martha!)

All you need now is some spooky food and there you have it! These Witches Fingers cookies from Domestic Sugar are really creepy! 

These bloody cupcakes from Cakehead Loves Evil  are pretty awesome too!

There you have it! The frame works of a great Halloween party! 

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