Friday, July 13, 2012

Fashion Friday

First I want to say Happy Friday the 13th!! I LOVE Friday the 13ths! Even as a kid I found them to be lucky and great days for me.

Fun fact to know and tell: I started dating Andy on a Friday the 13th (October 13, 2006 to be exact) and before we called off our Big White Wedding, we were going to get married on a Friday the 13th! Instead we were married on a Saturday the 27th.... Anyhoo, I love them and this one will prove to be just as awesome, I promise. 

Moving on! I have always loved fashion. Even as a kid, I had a knack for tearing my clothes apart and refashioning them (much to my parent's chagrin). And now that you know more about me as a kid than you ever wanted to, I bring you Fashion Fridays!!

This is going to be similar to that time I took an outfit that cost a few grand, and got the look for waaaay less. That was fun, right??!

The look:

I love this look. It's super casual, but I could totally wear it to work too. It just looks so comfy! So how do you get the look you ask? Allow me to demonstrate:

1. Target-  $12.99
2. Old Navy- $10.00
3. Target- 16.99
4. Target- $24.99
5. Mod Cloth- $39.99

Grand Total: $101.96. Not too bad :) Now you can look like Taylor Swift! 

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