Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Reveal- Spray Painted Mirror

Can you believe it's been a week since the Pinterest Challenge was thrown down by Sherry at younghouselove.com, Katie at bowerpowerblog.com, Kate at centsationalgirl.com, and Michelle at tenjuneblog.com. I am always up for a challenge, especially a Pinterest Challenge, so I accepted!

I have an UNG DRILL mirror from Ikea that I love, but I never felt like the black color was really me. I pinned these as inspiration on Pinterest. 

Mirror #1 is from the etsy store Back Porch Roots . I love that this mirror has almost the same lines as my UNG DRILL. 
Mirror #2 is actually a DIY Project from www.ourlakelife.com/. She spray painted and glazed her mirror. I think it looks great!
Mirror #3 is from www.designmom.com/. This photo is from a post about her Kitchen Counters, and I couldn't find anywhere on her blog whether she purchased it or made it, but I think it's great! 

I picked up some Valspar spray paint in Pacific Blue and got to work. I didn't prime the mirror because I wanted a more navy color. 

First, I took out the mirror so that I was just spraying the frame portion. I laid it out on a plastic bag on the rocks outside of our apartment. The key to an even spray painting application is thin and even coats. 

 After the 1st coat.

In order to get an even color with all of those nooks and cranies, I sprayed an thin and even coat from all directions. After about 2 coats in each direction (8 total) I got this. 

I let it cure outside for 12 hours, so it wasn't sticky and didn't smell. Then I took it inside and took a photo on my bed, so it is in front of a white background. This photo is truest to the real color. 

It turned out to be a really pretty navy, that in the sunlight looks like a Royal blue. I love it! We hung it, with the mirror inside, above our bed. 

(I appologize greatly for the craptastic quality of these bottom two photos. The lighting was weird, and I had to use my crap camera, hence why it looks like you need to turn the lights on and put on your glasses.)

So what did you do for the Pinterest Challenge? Link it up here so I can check it out!!


  1. I really like the color it ended up being! Good call not priming it.

    1. Thanks! I agree. I think it would had been too blue had I primed it :)

  2. Jess,

    I love it. The change is subtle, but fantastic. I am not a big fan of anything black, but I am totally loving navy right now. It is my new favorite neutral!

    1. Thanks! I really like how it turned out too! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Random question - was yours originally a mirror? I bought mine as a frame but the insert glass broke. Think I could just buy a mirror and slip it in there?

    1. Also, I love the color! I pinned your project, maybe I'll do one of my own :)

    2. Mine was a mirror originally. I am sure you could just buy a mirror and stick it in there. My mirror is held by the kind of tabs you lift up, like on a picture frame. I looked and I don't think Ikea has any mirrors that would fit. Thanks for the Pin and good luck!!

    3. Thanks! Crazy that they sold it as a mirror and a frame :)

  4. I love the color you used soooo much! I seriously need to get myself one of these mirrors and a can of spray paint :)

    1. It was so easy! You really should do it! I love the classic look of the Ikea mirror, but there is so much you can do to personalize it!

  5. I saw you on the Pinterest challenge - I love the Ung Drill and have bought 2 of the frames. Yours turned out great!

    1. Hi! Welcome! I love them too :) Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Oh how I wish we had an Ikea closer than 5 hours away :O( But your mirror looks lovely! I even like the color of it outside before it was dried!

    1. Oh man! I am so glad we recently got an Ikea in town! It is about 10 minutes away! The closest before last July was in Salt Lake City, which is a 2 hour flight, or 10 hr drive! l wish you could order more stuff online.

      And thanks! I liked the wet color too, it was closer to the can. But the dry color is also nice. either way I am pleased :)

  7. Love it! I made some chalkboard frames!

  8. Looks great! Love me some Ikea!!

    1. Thanks! I love ikea too! A lot of my old posts are missing photos from moving back over here from Wordpress, but I have a house full of ikea!

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