Monday, July 16, 2012

Make it Monday- Personal Prints

I really do want to try to make one thing a week. It keeps me creative and gives me something to be proud of. I was sitting on the couch this weekend, trying to figure out what to make. Then it came to me. We have a big blank wall in our dining room that I really want to personalize. I started thinking about what would look good there, and what could I actually love and treasure, and it came to me. I am pretty crafty on a computer, so why not create colorful, graphic prints in all different sizes of quotes and sayings that mean a lot to Andy and I, and hang them in a collagey-gallery wall type way. Here is some inspiration!

Obviously they won't look exactly like this, but these inspired me. I am going to use lyrics from the song I walked down the aisle to, our first dance song, each of our vows, etc. It will all be very personal and very us. I am very excited :) So come back on Sunday to see how they turned out!! 

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