Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lets Go Shopping at Urban Outfitters

After I had so much fun taking you guys to Target with me last week, I decided I would take you on a virtual shopping trip to Urban Outfitters. You probably think of that store as more of a place to buy hipster clothing and mustache paraphernalia but they have always had really cool home goods. They used to cary them in store, but ours doesn't anymore, so we rely online.

The first thing I want to buy from here is this teal Atlas tapestry! I love the color and graphicness, and I want to hang it on my dining room wall!

Urban Outfitters- $39.00
It also comes in Black, Maroon and Orange, if Teal isn't your color of choice. They also have peel and stick Chevron wallpaper. I love these options for wall covering because they are reversible!

Urban Outfitters- $98.00
It also comes in yellow, if you are looking for a bright accent wall. Next I am loving this Chevron frame. I think it would look awesome on a side table, or even on a book shelf. (You will have to excuse the copious amount of Chevron patterned things in this post. 1. I am mildly obsessed with Chevron. Just look at my blog. 2. Urban Outfitters is like the Chevron Megastore, where you can almost get anything with Chevron on it. )

Urban Outfitters- $24.00
I am also in love with this Etched metal letter O. I could see us hanging it on our door, or next to it, outside.

Urban Outfitters- $10.00
Urban Outfitters really does know how to make a girl giddy! First they have everything Chevron patterned in the world, THEN they have Rhino stuff. *Swoon*

Urban Outfitters- $34.00
The only thing that would make him more perfect would be if he was Chevron patterned...

They also have really beautiful beddings sets and curtains. I am in love with these Herringbone curtains in Gray (they also come in Navy and Teal)

Urban Outfitters-$34.00
I also love these purple Papercut Medallion curtains that add just a bit of romance to a room. 

Urban Outfitters- $39.00
They also come in Beige and Teal. I think Teal is their color over there... Everything comes in Chevron and Teal... My kind of place!!!

Of course they have a Chevron duvet! It comes in all different colors, but I love it most in this light aqua color. 
Urban Outfitters- $99.00

If Chevron really isn't your thing we can't be friends don't be turned off from Urban Outfitters! They have other beautiful things like this duvet I also love. It is also in that soft aqua color. 

Urban Outfitters- $89.00

I love the lacy look and the details of the pattern. And lastly in the bathroom, I love this shower curtain. 

Urban Outfitters- $44.00
Ah! I bet you are shocked that it is Chevron!

Moral of this shopping trip, I need to go to Chevron Anonymous. Ok probably true, but not the point. The great thing about Urban Outfitters is that they sell really awesome, funky, bright pieces that can layer beautifully into your home, and really add that punch of spunk. Would I outfit my entire house top to bottom in Chevron? Maybe NO! But I do think a pop here and there really adds some character and fun and personality to a room. So I implore you, don't always play it safe! Look for some fun pieces to add to your home that you just love, even if they are all Chevron :)