Sunday, May 6, 2012

You may say I'm a dreamer....

As you probably have figured out, about 74% of what I blog about is a dream. Dreaming about design, dreaming about a house, dreaming. Well, I have been dreaming again. For our first house, we want to buy a "fixer upper". But for our second house, we want to build something custom. And not just help with the floor plans, we have the fortune of having some super crafty people in the family who, if we asked nicely (and paid) would build us a house, and we could help too. We obviously haven't asked anyone, but it's in our heads. So we came across this fun website called and started dreaming.

On, you start from scratch and put together a floor plan. You can use it to conceptualize your current home, or to dream of an imaginary future one. Without further ado, The plan.


Here is the main level of our imaginary second home :) This obviously won't be the final plan, but here is the general idea :)

You can see the entry way (and the white rectangle are the stairs to the basement). The room to the left is a guest room/ playroom. There is a formal dining room above that, and lots of space to set up extra tables to entertain. To the right of the front door is the mudroom off the garage, then the stairs upstairs. Below the stairs, and all the way to the exterior wall, is a room we are going to make for Max, so he has a place we can put him when we have company. It will have a dog door to his dog run and personal patio. Maybe he is spoiled :) You can also see the kitchen and the family room. There are double doors to the patio from the dining room and the living room.

The upstairs:

When you come up the stairs, there is a loft area, and a large bay window with a window seat. Then there are two bedrooms that are attached by a jack and jill bedroom. These will obviously be kids rooms. At the end of the hall is our huge master bedroom. We have a walk in shower and tub. We will also have a patio off the master, which will be over the patio on the main level. The large room attached will be our dressing room :) There is also a pocket door to the laundry room from the closet/ dressing room. There is also a third bedroom, which could be an office or play room.

Onto the basement! This is the roughest floor plan, lots of open space. Lets call it a work in progress.

So there is a large movie room, obviously! Those lines are different levels. Outside the theatre room is a bar, some seating, and a karaoke stage. On the other side of the stairs are a pool table and poker table. (Andy designed this level....) There is also a guest room/ playroom, that I want to outfit with double bunk beds for sleepovers like these from

So there you have it. Our dream :)

What do you think?