Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Love the look

I like pretty things. I have a particular fondness for pretty things that cost a lot of money. Just me? Didn't think so. As much as I wish I could afford to spend all the money in the world on clothes, it just can't happen. I have made many fashionable outfits on Polyvore, all of which I can't have for two reasons. 1. They cost thousands, each. And 2. they are normal sizes. So after making one more outfit that I can't have, I had the idea (based on yesterdays idea) of finding it for less.

I put together this look for work.

When you are putting clothes together on Polyvore, it doesn't exactly tell you how much they cost while you are doing it. The sticker shock comes at the end. Here is the price breakdown for what you see here.
Coral Blazer- SMYTHE- $830
Striped Tank- Level 33 - $18 (not too bad)
Black Slacks- Alexander McQueen- $300
Nude Pumps- Christian Louboutin- $845 (ouch. but so pretty!)
Black Handbag- Valentino- $1,995

Apparently Polyvore thinks I am a millionaire. This one outfit would cost me $3,988. H.o.l.y C.r.a.p.

I knew I could get the look for less.
For the Coral blazer, I picked this one from Torrid for only $58.50.

For the striped tank, I picked this one from Torrid. It was $24.50

For the slacks, I picked these ones, also from Torrid for $29.99

For the shoes, I picked these, also from Torrid for $44.50

And lastly for the handbag, I picked this Steve Madden bag, also from Torrid, for $98.

All in all, this outfit that I could go buy tomorrow would cost $255.49. It would only cost me $225.50 because I already own black slacks.

I know the merits of purchasing quality goods. By no means are the cheap-o patent leather nude heals in my cheaper version as awesome as real Christian Louboutins. I am not saying they are. But when you have champagne dreams on a Top Ramen budget, I think they will do.


  1. You know I have the same problem, lol. That's why I try not to use the clothes already in's just depressing.

    I like your cheaper look just as well :)

  2. Yeah it is depressing. How do you use clothes from online? Is that how you do your outfits?