Thursday, May 10, 2012

Re-upholstering a chair part 3 (ish)

Remember how we bought a chair from the ARC and started tearing apart with reckless abandon in November?


Well, that is about where work stopped. We stashed it in the corner of our master bedroom with a blanket over it until we moved. My father in law actually wanted to throw it away. Yeah, it's looking a bit worse for wear. Well, now it is sitting in the same state, in my in law's garage, until we move again in about a month. But after that, we want to finally re-upholster it to put in our living room or bedroom (wherever it will fit in our new 600 sqft apartment). So we went to JoAnn's to get some fabric inspiration, and here is what we came up with!

The chair is an old wing back chair, and we want a fabric that looks like it would work on that chair. Something that is a fun take on on a classic pattern.

This pattern caught my eye. I like how it is a fun take on a chevron pattern, one of my favorites, and I really like the different colors. I am not sure how flexible it is tho, in the long run. It might be better for a pillow.

I love damask patterns, and in this not quite tan or gray color scheme, It can go well with either brown or grey schemes. I think the pattern all over the chair would be gorgeous, but would it be too much?

I love how easy and cool this light blue gray fabric is. The pattern is easy on the eyes and would look great all over a chair. The color is a nice neutral too. But is it too boring for an accent?

This is an old favorite of mine. I love the pattern, the colors, everything.

I think this pattern is really fun too. It adds a nice geometric element to any room, and is a nice neutral color.

Another nice, neutral color with a punchy pattern. This all over would be a darker chair than most of the other ones, but I like how it would stand out.

OR do we go with something bright and punchy in a classic pattern that adds just that amount of pop!

I might be on a theme party here with the damask neutrals... but this one is kinda shiny :)

This fun grellow pattern is classic and not too feminine, and the grellow color really is close enough to a neutral to work with a lot of different schemes.

So I am sorry this is more of a tease than anything, but we have started to think a little more about what we want to cover our gorgeous chair with. Any thoughts? Love one, hate one?