Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm a Junkie

I am a crafting/diy junkie. And man I am jonesing for some diy! I haven't crafted anything in almost 2 months! Ugh! Things have just been off since we moved into our temporary situation. I have also had a lack of motivation to blog, which makes me sad. I chalk it up to being psudo-homelss... So I have an idea! I think if I have theme planned for some days, maybe it will help with both problems. SO I am going to try to have "Make It Mondays" where I blog about a craft I have been dying to make, and "Show Off Sundays" where I show off (and tutorial) the craft from Monday :) I think a whole week is plenty of time to complete any MIM craft.

So I am starting there. I am tossing around Weight Loss Wednesdays, but I would have to get back on the program first :) I haven't been to a WW meeting since early March. This day would include a weigh in, an update on work outs, and other healthy related things.

So look forward to some new theme days :)