Saturday, May 26, 2012

A pop of color

I loved how my last condo was decorated, don't get me wrong. It just didn't leave any room for variety. It was white, blue and yellow and that was it. I enjoyed it, but it made me sad that I couldn't throw in a coral pillow or aubergine elephant and have it make sense. That makes me sad. I want a home that is full of color. Every color. No colors are less welcome than any others. That being said, I have been thinking about ways to make it cool and classy, and not rainbow vomit...

I am sure it comes as now surprise to hear that I love chevron pattern. I think it's fun and spunky and awesome. I really think my house needs a huge burst of color in the form of a chevron patterned brightly colored rug like this one:

[caption id="attachment_799" align="aligncenter" width="276" caption="From for $523.00"][/caption]

I love how bright and punchy it is, but that price tag makes me want to cry. It does look super plush and cushy, but I am not so sure it is worth that much.

I may just have to make my own out of a cheap Ikea rug like this tutorial (that I am pretty sure I have blogged about in the past...)

Aside from a new rug with lots of color, I also have been lusting over a new dining table and chairs. In our new space, our rectangle table won't make the most sense, so I have been eyeing a few round ones. I have my eye on this one from Ikea:

I love the clean lines, and the white color will be easy to jazz up with fun colored accessories, but it really needs some punchy dining room chairs to make it pop!

These are fun from and at only $159 for a set of 4, they are the cheapest I have seen! They also come in three fun colors!

I also love these ones from

The color and pattern are so exciting! They are more expensive, about twice as much, but I think they are almost worth it!

These from are the most expensive, but so cool.

Any of these chairs would add the right amount of color to really make, what seems like a plain white table, pop.

So my goal this time is to add as much color and pazazz as I can. So what do you think of the new boldness? I really think it is more me, and most importantly more "us". Our last place was all me, and i didn't really love it. So this time Andy is by my side, with a say on every single decision. It truly will be our home.


  1. Love it! I struggle with this as well...trying to fit in all these colors I love while still making the house look somewhat cohesive.

    I LOVE green for decorating, so I've thought about using different shades in different rooms to make it more cohesive, but I'm back and forth on that a lot. I do know that every room we have will have a lot of white in it, so maybe that's cohesive enough.

    I love ALL those chairs :)

  2. It is so fun to decorate the house with the person you love! Your ideas are great! I enjoying reading your blogs, Jess!

  3. Thanks! I agree. Thank you for reading!