Monday, December 12, 2011

O' Christmas Card, O' Christmas Card...

How late I am in sending you!

I am assuming we aren't the ONLY slackers on the planet who haven't sent their christmas cards yet. We have just been very busy, and to be honest December kinda snuck up on us! This year we decided to send a photo Christmas card. We always like getting those because it gives us something to stick on the fridge. But the challenge is, we don't have adorable kids that people would want plastered on their fridge yet, so we had to add Max to the equation so these don't just get tossed in the trash. I am pretty good at resting the camera on something (in leu of a tripod) and setting the timer so I can hop in the picture, but Max is terrible at taking photos when there is no one to focus on, or entice him with a treat. All of our photos taken the traditional way ended with Max walking off or turning around mid photo (and Andy's face getting more and more angry)

Naturally we decided to find a friend who knew how to point and shoot to take our picture. She did a great job of keeping Max in line as well.

This is where I would post a photo of our christmas card, but as I started with, we are slackers and haven't ordered them yet...

Do you send a Christmas card each year? Is it a photo one, or a store-bought card? Or are you super crafty and make something?

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