Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas time is here!

There is snow on the ground, carols on the radio and a general feeling of cheer in the air.

I love Christmas.

We picked out our tree today. Growing up we always had a fake tree. I liked it because I didn't know differently. When I met Andy, his family had a real tree for Christmas and I was intrigued. After one year I was sold. We have had a real tree since. There is something about the way a real tree smells that really means Christmas is here.


For me, a Christmas tree doesn't look right if it's not personal. I do love the look of trees that have a theme, or are very thoughtfully decked with matching ornaments and ribbon. But I think the point of a Christmas tree is to fill it with ornaments that are sentimental and meaningful to the family. That's why you won't find any matching bulbs and ribbon on my tree. Almost all our ornaments were gifts or gathered by us on vacation. Of course we still have filler ornaments, but with time, those will go away and be replaced by more unique ornaments.

As we continue to decorate for the holidays, I will share the details.

Also, we did a little work on our windows this weekend I will be sharing so make sure to check back for that progress!

So what are your decorating plans this year? Link your blog in your comment so I can check them out! What do you think about ornaments on a tree? Do you prefer them to be themed, or more sentimental? Let me know!


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