Tuesday, December 6, 2011


This week after my awesome weigh in, I entered my weight into my Weight Loss tracker on the Weight Watchers App. Because I joined WW last year, but fell off the wagon, it kept my starting weight when I rejoined, so on record I started at 285.8, but on my meeting tracker, it says 282.4. My meeting is "low tech" as in we don't use the computer system, until now. So my total weight loss on paper is less than on E-Tools. Only 3.6 lbs less, but less all the same. So this week when I entered my 3.4 loss onto my tracker, it popped up with a star that said " Congrats! You have lost 5% of your weight! I was taken aback. Really 5%? Inside it felt good to see that, but I wasn't really trusting it because on paper, I still had 3.6 pounds to lose to be at 5%.

But, this week at my meeting, we are starting to use the computer. I am wondering if my starting weight will change now that it will be linked with the computer. If yes, I am down 5%! If not, looks like I am getting close. It does feel really great to hit (or almost hit) a goal that at one time seemed out of reach.

I will update on Friday wether my starting weight changed or not!