Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chickety-China the Chinese Chicken

Barenaked Ladies- One Week

Andy and I were singing this the whole time we were making dinner! (ps anyone know how to inbed a video into a wordpress post??)


While browsing Pinterest (god what did we do for hours on the internet before pinterest!?) I found a recipe for Sweet and Sour Chicken. I had a few friends who tried it and said it was fabulous, and I was craving take out so I decided to try.

We had almost everything, except the chicken, soy sauce and eggs, so after a quick stop at the grocery store, we went to work.

First you cut up 3 chicken breasts (we used thighs because we are cheap) into bitesized pieces.

20111208-085002.jpgToss in a cup of corn starch and shake to coat.

While shaking, have your husband beat two eggs, and pour onto the chicken and shake some more.

Pour the whole eggy chicken mixture into a wok (or pan) with 1/4 of oil and brown the chicken.


(Here is where we went off recipe) The recipe says to only cook the chicken partially then stick it in the oven covered in sauce for an hour. Well, I didn't read that part before trying to convince Andy that we should eat this for dinner, and we were in no mood to wait. Cue improvisation! We cooked the chichen the whole way in the wok.


Then we mixed togheter the sauce per the recipe (ketchup, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and some garlic powder) We poured the sauce over the cooked chicken in the wok and let it heat up more to become thick. We like things a little spicy so we added about 2 tablespoons Red Pepper Flakes.


We wanted some lo mein with it so we cooked the lo mein noodles and tossed them in the saucey chicken to coat. We also bought a bag of frozen asian veggies and microwaved them to cook them, then tossed them in there too.


Ahh. Chinese Chicken.

This was delicious! And took only 20 min, rather than the 70 ish it was propsing by baking. It was a little sweet, tangy and spicy and Andy LOVED it. (Which is quite the feat because if you know my husband, you know he hates "ese" foods) We will definitely be making this again. After adding it to the recipe builder, it is 8 pts a serving (and it makes 4 servings). Not bad :)

I guess the moral of the story is improvisng works sometimes.


  1. Coming from someone who has to eat chinese food on at least once a week, I cannot comprehend how someone could not like them. Brother in law, how do you live son?!

    But I love that this was a success, I shall also give it a go! Cause I love my 'ese foods!