Saturday, March 24, 2012

The end of an Era...

Looking back, we remember one of the greatest love stories of our generation. Like all great love stories, and most books written by Nicolas Sparks, this love story has a sad ending. Boy and girl live with stripes, blissfully in love, for 10 months, until one day a landlord something comes between boy and girl and their stripes, and their relationship comes to a tragic end.

That's right, the stripes have to go. Lets be honest, who didn't see this coming... Stripes are not for everybody, and they sure don't make it easy to find new tenants, so we had to bid them good bye. This is especially bittersweet for boy and girl after the extreme pain in the ass they were to begin with. Alas, with a coat of off white paint/primer they are on their way to the land where stripes go to die.

Ok this is all kinda ridiculous, but seriously these stripes were such a pain that it really kills us to have to paint over them.

It's almost like they were never here. Lets take a walk down memory lane...

So here is the part of the story where we stop crying and realize the lesson in all of this. While painting over the stripes is painful, it is just one of 279 steps in all the 279 changes taking place in our lives right now. Andy and I have quit our jobs and broken our lease in hopes of landing on both of our feet, happy, in Denver (metro area). Is it risky? Yes, but a calculated risk. Is it nerve-racking not knowing where you are going to live in a week? OMG YES! But will everything be 100% better in the end? YES! I believe deep down in my heart that we are meant to make this move and live closer to our families. The opportunities on the horizon are fresh and exciting and we can't wait!

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