Friday, January 13, 2012

Week 17 - omg!!!

Well it's a Friday the 13th miracle!!! I hopped on the weight watchers scale and I am down 20 lbs!!! 20! That is huge! I think 20 is really the turning point. 20 lbs really makes a difference in how you look and feel. I have made it this far, no use stopping now!


20 is a milestone, but not the destination! I have two more goals in the near future I hope to reach by valentines day. 25 lbs means I get a Ww charm and 28 lbs is my 10% keychain. I am highly motivated by these two goals and I can't wait to reach them!!

So losing 20 means I should probably celebrate :) what should I do?


  1. Great job! You must feel great! I know I could not believe the difference 20 lbs makes :)

  2. how fancy is your weigh in slip?! We kicked it old school, all done by hand!

    That's excellent, two big goals coming up soon, go for it lady! You can really see the difference!