Monday, January 16, 2012

French Dip in a Blanket

As you all know, I am cheap and I like good food. So if I find a recipe that is cheap, easy and delicious (AND ww friendly), I am more than willing to share :) I saw this recipe on pinterest, of course. I love French Dip so I thought we should try it. After making it, there were some tweeks I would make, so those will be in Red.


1/2 lb of Roast Beef (I get deli because I am picky, but Oscar Meyer would work fine)

provolone Cheese slices

Reduced Fat Crescent rolls.

Canned Beef broth or your prefered Au jou.


1. First you pop open your Crescent rolls and lay them out.


2. Place one slice of Roast Beef on the cressant. (Edit- I would have done this differently. I would have only used half a slice of Roast beef per roll. A whole slice was a lot of beef. I also would have rolled the beef and cheese together and then rolled that in the crescent roll, kinda like a pig in a blanket. The dough that was on the inside was still undercooked.)


3. Once  all the rolls are prepared (notice how one doesn't have meet? apparently half a pound is only 7 slices...), bake per the instructions on the tube of Crescents (10-12 min)


4. When you take them out, serve and dip in your Au jou (we just microwaved the broth till warm).


While there are a few tweeks I would make, over all this was an easy, fast recipe that was pretty yummy.