Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I know, I know...

It's no excuse. I am always going to be busy. I am always going to not have anything to write about. I know.

The fact is that I feel terribly I havent updated in 10 days! That is probably the longest between posts EVER! I will get better about this.

So here are some things to catch you up. I am down 19.6 lbs. I am dying for a .4 on friday so I can hit 20! I have been cheating on Jillian with cupcakes and pizza. I will get better about that! We have rearanged our livingroom and will post an updated pic because I love it! (spoiler alert- the couch is a different color- again!)

I will post a few recipes I have made recently like Buckeye Cupcakes.

I will get my shit together and start posting more.


There, Kristen!


  1. Thank you! Looking forward to the couch pictures...

  2. Kick that .4 this week! You can do it! I'm so impressed!!