Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Let me wipe the drool off the keys....

So in hopes to break my writers block, I have been reading lots of blogs for fun/ inspiration. One of my favorite blogs to read is Oh So Pretty - the Diaries. It is a tale of two friends who love pretty things, including hair, make-up and diy. It is the blog equivalent of chick lit. Fluffy, and makes you smile :)

They recently embarked on a weight loss journey that I have followed from day one, over at Oh So Pretty- the Skinny. They are also doing Weight Watchers, so it is really motivational to see their awesome progress!

Well today they posted an amazing looking recipe for low point Cake Batter Dip. Oh.M.Gee. Who knew such a thing existed.

So I thought I would whore their blog out a little, and share this drool worthy recipe :)

Oh So Pretty- the Skinny