Saturday, September 22, 2012

Book Reviews

As you all know, I have been reading a lot more recently. This is because of two things: My hour long commute every day on a train, and my Kindle Fire that I got for free. Lets start with the first one. 

I live in a suburb of Denver, about 25 miles south of Downtown, where I work. I love working in the heart of the city. It is really awesome. One shitty thing perk is that I have to get to take the Light Rail every day to work, so I get to skip traffic, and read. I also take my 1 hr lunch break to sit in the courtyard in front of my building and read some more. I love having these times to myself, and I actually really like to read, something I didn't know until after College. 

What makes this even easier is, I have a Kindle Fire that I didn't have to pay for. No it wasn't a gift for my birthday.  Andy and I opened bank accounts at First Bank and they had a promotion that if you do that, and set up direct deposit, you get a free Kindle Fire. Sounded good to me, and about a month after we opened the account, my Kindle Fire arrived in the mail. I love it. 

So I was sitting there, with my writers block, blaming books for the reason I wasn't blogging, and I had a thought. Why not blog about books a little. After I finish a book, I will write a little review (with no spoilers) and give it a rating. I will start by writing ones for books I have already finished recently, so don't you worry ;)

In a house related note, things have changed pretty drastically in our bedroom. I can't wait to update you on all that, so stay tuned for a post some time this week. I also feel like I owe you full pictures of our tiny apartment so I will clean it work on that.