Monday, August 6, 2012

Stuff I Love- White Faux Taxidermy

I love to blog about stuff I love. If I were married to Christian Gray and had a billion gazillion dollars, I would be surrounded by all the things I love. The good news is, I'm not and I am luckily married to a completely sane awesome guy who doesn't have a billion gazillion dollars so I am surrounded by people I love, and I get to look at things I love on the internet in my free time :)

Alas, I have fallen completely in love with a company on Etsy. If you are my friend on Facebook, you know this because I share their things all.the.time.

White Faux Taxidermy

This little company makes amazing works of art. They do exactly what their name says. They make faux taxidermy that is white, and you can leave it that way, or they will make it whatever color you want!

Like them on Facebook! You get to see updates from them all the time, and they are always coming out with new friends products for you to love :)

Here are a few of my favorites!

The Agnes $149.99
The Agnes was love at first sight for me. It was her beautiful sea foam color with those incredible sparkle antlers. I was smitten. I knew I had to see more of this companies creations!

The Calhoun $134.99
This is my friend The Calhoun. I like to pretend his brother, the Haxton was made especially for me :) This screen shot feeds my ego :)

I am head over heals in love with both of these guys. The sparkle horns of my friend the Calhoun remind me of my childhood favorite animal (and close relative to the Rhino) the Unicorn. I just can't resist those darn sparkle horns! And his brother the Haxton is manly and stoic, with his incredible silver shiny horns. Oh man I could be lost in those for days! And the idea that he was made just for me makes me swoon!

I am also deeply in love with this guy, the Crowley. 

The Crowley $129.99
This guy makes my hard melt and feeds my deep seeded obsession with dinosaurs. He makes me smile and he is so cheerful in that amazing turquoise. As you can tell, Andy has had to keep the credit cards under lock and key to keep our house from becoming a colorful menagerie.

This little guy, the Pico, is on the top of my birthday wish list. At only $19.99, how can he not be mine! 

The Pico $19.99
I couldn't bare the thought of bringing him home without his sister, the Kira. She is pretty in pink, if I say so myself!

The Kira $19.99

Back to the big guys, I would love to have this handsome fellow, the Nico, hanging over my bed. He is stylish and chic, but manly and strong. And who doesn't love a mint green moose!

The Nico $129.99
Oh man, this company has everything! LionsTigers, Bears (oh my!) Elephants, Deer, Moose, Rhinos,  Skulls, Wolves, Alligators, SHARKS, BisonZebrasBuffalo Skulls, and DINOSAURS

Seriously tho. This is an awesome company that is very very personable with their clientele and they are constantly bringing out new and awesome products. Like them on Facebook and you will see how great they really are.

And as goes with ANYTHING I love that I blog about, I am not perked or benefited at all by my musings. I assume you are reading this because although you think I am nuts, you like/ trust my taste in style and design. I am telling you I love this. I love this company :) Trust me! 

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  1. "If you are my friend on Facebook, you know this because I share their things all.the.time."

    Never was a truer word spoken, lol. Not that that's a bad thing.

    I really like Agnes. She's so sparkly.