Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's my party, I can dress how I want to!

So my 25th birthday is coming up, and I am taking the opportunity to celebrate before I get too old to party like I'm 25 lol. I am very excited for the birthday festivities and part of this is getting a new birthday outfit! For ease of shopping, I plan to look at Maurices, so all of these outfits are pieces from there.

Birthday outfit


Lightweight shoes

Birthday option 2

Racer back tank

Military blazer

Flat shoes

happy birthday 3


Stripe blazer

Rubber shoes

Happy birthday 4


Ruffle jacket

Rubber shoes

Happy Birthday 5

Rubber shoes

Ombre Stripe Burnout Tee -

So what do you think?? I love 3 and 5 a lot, but I think 3 is really fun and 4 and 1 are really colorful! I am so excited for my Geburtstagsfest!

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