Monday, August 13, 2012

Color Me Rad

The time has come that I am itching to try another 5K. Andy and I did our first 5K back in last September and it was an awesome, and challenging experience. After that I definitely knew I wanted to do another one, and there is a 5K coming up in Denver at the end of September that sounds like a ton of fun! Color me Rad. 

I have a few friends (and interwebs acquaintances) that have run it and had a great time. The premise is that you run (or walk) the 5K like normal,  but along the way people throw bags of colored corn starch at you, so you end up looking like this:

Sounds like my idea of a good time! This time, tho, we plan on training a little for the run, unlike last time. We discovered that was a baaaaaaad idea. So we have begun jogging more on our walks with Max, and will really start a routine this week, with 7 weeks to go. I want to be able to jog a good portion of it (I will set a specific amount when we see what is capable through training) and I want to lower my time by at least 10 minutes. We finished our first 5K in 1hr and 5 minutes, walking pushing a baby in a stroller. I definitely think we can do it in 55 (17.5 min mile = soooo doable). 

So I will update you on our training progress and how this all turns out as it goes! The race is September 29th, so let the countdown begin!