Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Obsession

I have a confession. I have a new obsession. One word. Polyvore.  is an amazing website where you create virtual outfits. You choose from a huge database of pieces, like shirts, pants, shoes, etc, and put them together into outfits. It is an awesome tool to nail down your personal style and to find things that go together that you can buy in real life. I have spent a few hours playing around with it and here are the outfits I have made!

This outfit really defines my casual style. I could wear this any day of the week, but I see myself running errands on the weekends in this.

This is another example of a weekend look, but it's also dressy enough if I needed to pop into work. I am just obsessed with those flats!

I love this look for a date night. I could wear this to dinner and a movie, or even out to a play. It's cute and casual, but fancy enough to go out in. (I am obsessed with that bag!!)

I can not wait to lose enough weight to wear boots! I love this look and I want it now! lol

This is a perfect work outfit! Comfy and classy. Obsessed with those shoes!

This is a fancier work outfit, but still comfy and classic. I love the neutral colors with a pop.

The best part of Polyvore is that I have really been able to nail down my personal style. I have noticed I am a bit too casual with my work wear. We are allowed to wear jeans, but wearing them every day with a t-shirt is probably too much. I still dress like I am in college, and while that is what I have, it's not really appropriate anymore. I am trying to slowly expand my wardrobe, and this gives me a place to start, and a better idea of my personal style.

I encourage you to check out Polyvore and experience the awesomeness.


  1. I love Polyvore! I've used mine to create some Disneybound-esque outfits and I've been using it lately to put together sets of gifts for my vday series on my blog. (I liked your outfits by the way...I'm pretty sure I pinned them all, lol)

  2. Does this website also tell you where you can buy the items you like?

  3. It does! All the clothes they have for you to play with seem to be designer, so they are very very expensive (I think that yellow stripped scarf is $300!) but it is a nice place to start and try to find look alikes :)

  4. That website looks so cool, if I didn't have Jon staring me down for the computer, I would be on it like white on rice.

    Super cute outfits, love it!

  5. MAJOR time suck, right!?

  6. I only got to play on it for about 5 minutes, but I'm totally diggin it!!!! And it looks like they know I'm in the UK, so it's clothes from the shops I could shop at, extra helpful!